Begin your adventure with Fuzzy Dog, LLC!

Are you a Thought Leader? A Revolutionary? Someone who Wants to Change the World?

Do you have a message, a teaching, or life experiences that others could benefit greatly from reading?

(But you have zero time to write a book?)

Then you’re in the right place.

Hi! I’m Lis.

I’m a non-fiction book ghostwriter, or as I prefer to call myself – The Invisible Wordsmith.

Words are my business. Specifically, my expertise is in assisting the Change Makers of the world to write books that can effect transformation on an individual, a local, regional, or even global level.

I’ll venture a guess that you have great ideas, loads of information, a clear understanding of your material … and no idea how to pull it all out of your head and onto your computer screen in a way that exudes maximum impact. Not to mention you likely have no time in which to do it.

That’s why you need someone like me.

My forte is taking a mishmash of information, interviews, ideas, threads of thought, case studies, research, and anything else you have to add to your book and making sense of it all. Hey, what some might call chaos is my idea of a good time.

I’ve worked for years as a book editor, often revising, rewriting, and reorganizing books that other editors would have said were “fine.” Fine is not a standard of excellence in my world – or in the worlds my clients inhabit.

During those same years, I have written countless short and long-form pieces under others’ bylines and polishing my street cred as a “ghost.” I enjoy the challenge ghostwriting provides because I get to be someone else while writing each book. It’s similar to taking on a role in a movie. I have to think like you, be like you, act like you, and, most importantly, write like you in order to pull off a believable book.


When we’re finished, my hope is that you’ll say, “Fuzzy Dog was my book’s Best Friend.”

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