For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a writer.Lisbeth Tanz - St. Louis, Missouri book ghostwriter

Life has a way of intervening on childhood dreams.

My university work started in journalism and ended in psychology (with a philosophy minor). I still loved to write, but I loved even more trying to understand why people do what they do.

A psych degree with no accompanying graduate work is … a liberal arts degree. So, I took a job in the market research field.

My educational background was instrumental in my success because, while I started as a project manager, the bulk of my successful corporate career was spent on the consulting side. I loved working with clients to understand their motivations and needs. My work was never just about the research.

Along the way, I went to night school to obtain my MBA to fill in the business gaps I’d missed in my undergrad work.

Over the course of my fifteen years in the market research industry, I worked alongside the brightest researchers in the top Fortune 500 companies across the country doing consumer and business research. We collaborated to create new products, understand buying motivations, identify new areas for product exploration, and generally get inside the heads of their customers. I became known for my expertise in consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, technology, and telecom.

After climbing the corporate ladder from the bottom of my field to (nearly) the top, I realized that corporate life was not for me, so I left. On my terms.

I started my first business, The Hired Pen, on a vision of what I wanted my life to be like. A week later, I snagged my first client. The Hired Pen gave me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of client types, from solopreneurs to academia to corporations. As the Senior Editor of a local paper conglomeration, I ghostwrote articles for clients. For those who wrote their own pieces, I served as editor. As The Hired Pen, I crafted website copy, created marketing and sales copy, and began editing books in 2007. Moving into book ghostwriting was a natural progression given that I had honed my ghostwriting, interviewing, and editing skills over several years.

Why I’d like you to consider working with me…

Aside from my experience in and with a number of fields, what you gain by working with me is an ally who will be your champion to achieving author status. Those topics I’m passionate about in my personal life (below) are the perfect subject matter for aspiring authors looking for a ghostwriter. I truly enjoy working with people who have strength in their convictions, a clear message or experience that others may benefit from, and the desire to make the world a better place by sharing it. (If you visit my Client Work page, you’ll see that the majority of the projects I’ve listed fit into this category.) I sum it up this way: I seek to work with people who want to make a positive difference in the world. If that’s you, then zip to the bottom of this page and send me message!

Another gift I bring to each author I work with (aside from writing and editing) is my reputation for being a good listener and an intuitive one as well. I call what I do “listening between the lines.” We all say many things, but to truly understand, one must hear what isn’t being said aloud. This makes me an insightful writer, which is vitally important when ghostwriting a book.

Working with me is a collaborative process. It has to be because writing a book can be a long process. Having a partner whom you can trust to interpret your words, give creative direction, and offer insights takes what can be a scary proposition and turns it into a joyful, expressive experience. The sweet spot at the end is a finished book that reflects your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences just as if you had written them.

Some Silly Things…

I’m also a mom (to three cats and one [grown] human child), one half of a committed relationship, a professionally trained life and business coach, an occasional amateur singer, a passionate environmentalist, a champion for the downtrodden, a proud union supporter, and a woman who wants to save the world. Plus, I love to rearrange furniture, design my outdoor landscape, and toil in my vegetable and flower beds. If you visit me in the summertime, you’re sure to leave with something from my gardens.

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