Happy Clients

She Understood Me


Lis generously offered a free phone consultation and continued giving me much appreciated advice even though we doubled the time that we had planned to spend on the phone. She was great about asking the right questions and honing in on the audience and message for my book while sharing her own relevant experience so that I never felt like she was selling me on her services. This made me feel like she understood what I am trying to accomplish and would therefore make a great teammate! I walked away feeling like my book has credibility - which is sometimes hard to remember when writing a first book - and this is invaluable. Highly recommended!

Clea Annecchiarico - Aspiring Author

A Profound Experience


My experience with Lis was profound. I was at the beginning of my book writing process and my mind was full of ideas and concepts. I definitely needed more clarity on the Big Picture and what I was attempting to convey to my readers. I felt a bit blocked before speaking to Lis and through our discussion she effortlessly was able to see my direction and what I needed to focus on. I went from feeling emotionally spread out to greater focus which brought me to place of peace and certainty. I also understand that I have more than one book to write. Lis carries the spirit of the eagle in her. This is the ability to see from a higher position and hone in on the most important details. Thank you Lis for your unconditional love and support. In Light, Beth Boesel

Beth Boesel - Aspiring Author

Lis is One of the Best


In working with clients to move their copy from initial manuscript to published book, I have worked with many editors and proofreaders.

Lisbeth has been one of the best I have encountered. Her work is of the highest quality, but what I most appreciate is her professionalism and ease to work with. She consistently meets deadlines (or delivers early) and is sensitive to the impact her work has on the whole project.

I highly recommend her and will continue to enthusiastically refer my clients to her.

Janica Smith - Business Owner

Lis makes your Words come Alive


I worked with Lisbeth for over 10 years. I first experienced her talents while she was the editor for the St. Louis and St. Charles Women's Journals. After she edited a few of the articles I'd written, I decided to hire her to write them instead!

She pitched the idea of a writing a book about perimenopause, my expertise, and I quickly accepted. She was instrumental in bringing Surviving the Fog, Sweat and Tears of Perimenopause to fruition. In fact, I couldn't have done it without her. That's why I put her name of the cover, too.

Lis has the ability to take your words or thoughts and make them come alive. Her great insight, understanding of complex medical conditions and terminology, and talent made her an indispensable asset for reaching my target audience.

Frank Nuber, RPh - Author/Pharmacist/Business Owner

Lis Polished my Writing


Retaining Lisbeth Tanz as my editor was undoubtedly instrumental to achieving the #1 Amazon bestseller success of my book, Marketing Mindset - The Ultimate Guide to Positioning Yourself. The comments and reviews I've received reflect the polish that Lis applied to my work and made the finished product so valuable to my readers.

Writing and publishing your book is a tremendous accomplishment that so few among us will ever achieve. Your ideas may very well change some reader's life. You owe it to them, if not to yourself, to deliver the very best version possible. That's just not possible without the help of a skilled editor like Lisbeth Tanz.

Mark Klipsch - Author/Business Owner

A Real Talent


Lisbeth has a real talent for being able to turn complex ideas into easy to understand concepts. Her diverse experience in the communications field, as a writer, editor, marketer, and radio host give her incredible insight and skill in coaching people how to most effectively communicate their ideas and products.

When you add her social, emotional, and mental intelligence into the mix, it's no wonder she has so many satisfied, repeat clients!

Kathy Santini - Journalist/World Traveler

Clarified My Writing


Lisbeth's talents as a savvy writer extend to her ability to help small business owners and solopreneurs tap into their own writing talent, establish their expertise and attract more clients, grow their list, and generate a profit explosion for their business.

She has been instrumental in helping me clarify my own writing so that leads, prospects, and clients easily connect with me as their marketing coach mentor.

Chris Makell - Business Owner

An Excellent Writer, Editor, and Media Professional


Lis is an excellent writer, editor, and media professional. She turns in consistently superior articles and is willing to go the extra mile to make an assignment happen. A plus is that she is constantly upbeat.

As her editor, her copy was a pleasure to edit and she communicated well at every step of the writing and editing process. Her ghostwriting skills are outstanding! I give Lis my highest recommendation.

Shera Dalin - Author/Editor
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