Ghostwriting your Book

The Invisible Wordsmith is a ghostwriting service for authors who have something to say, but who have no time in which to write it.

The first step is the From Idea to Outline process, which creates the plan of action we will adhere to as the book writing progresses.

Once the outline is set, all material provided is reviewed and interviews to collect information for each chapter begin. In addition, some secondary research may be necessary to fully explain concepts, thoughts, and experiences.

Steps are taken during the writing process to ensure the book is being written per the plan of action, is in your voice, and is saying exactly what you want to say.

The ruff draft (we prefer that spelling here at Fuzzy Dog) is reviewed, revised, and edited as necessary.

When finished, the manuscript is ready for proofing and design.

Your Investment: Hard to say because a number of factors figure into the cost of a ghostwritten book.

To begin the process, please click the button below to complete a short questionnaire about the book you would like to have written. Having this information will help me be more effective when we talk.

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